The time I am writing this post is a little abnormal. 11:30 PM at night is surely strange, but had to write this down, lest my mind changes. I have been thinking of writing many articles in the past few months but was just lazy to do so. Hence, this time, I decided to take action immediately and write on my thoughts.
I was coming back from a play by our institute guys and was in the bus, way back to the campus. Suddenly, I was reminded of Batman series in cartoon network, long ago and that was how it started. Nostalgia. The old Cartoon Network. Boy, such lovely days. This article is just to collate all the cartoons I have seen when I was a child (Argument: Did I grow up?).

Let us start of with Batman itself. Though the memories are a little vague, but still I can remember the series. It was incredible. I felt it a little eerie, but nevertheless, it was an amazing serial. I remember watching the series in the morning, sometime around 10 AM(Two notes here. All the times are Indian Standard Time. I could be wrong about the timings. I would be glad if someone comments about the same). And then, swat cats at around 4 PM. I think Swat cats was the best cartoon ever in terms of the coolness. T-Bone and Razor, the aircraft, past master and other characters. I am a fan of Razor. He seems cooler and more swift. My favorite cartoon till today has been Ninja Robots. It is a little sad that none of my friends know about it. Man, it is just an amazing show. Cybertron, Golden lion, Purple dragon, Red falcon. I should say that this was true hardcore cartoon show. I would greatly appreciate if someone reading this article could give me the link for getting all the episodes.
        Jonny Quest. A really weird cartoon. Though I did watch, I could not follow it completely. Perhaps I always watched it unconsciously. Yet another cartoon was Adams family. I still remember the hand, perhaps the most famous character in the show. And then, the all time golder, Scooby do. Scooby do was totally involving show. Comedy and mystery were perfectly blended. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Yes, I did not forget Tom and Jerry. I believe, everyone will know that. One cartoon which you can watch anytime anyplace, any age. I am pretty sure parents of every child who was born in 1990s will surely know tom and jerry. I should say, ‘The deadly duo.’
        Tiny TV was another awesome time pass in the afternoon. Bob the builder, Koala brothers, Pingu, Oswald, Noddy etc. Once in a while, Bob the builder song does ring in my head. I was such a fan of Bob the builder that time that I had also started making clay models of Scoop, Mug and Dizzy . And Pingu’s gibberish language was also fun.
And then the real action cartoons. These cartoons were totally worth following. Starting off with Transformers Armada. Till date, I am a hardcore fan of the transformers. I used to collect action toys, I used to make the convertibles, and yes, they used to convert from vehicles to robots and back to vehicles again(Boy, I just realize how creative and patient I was those days. I wish I go back to those days). I did start following Energon but left it in the middle due to the odd timings. And then, Beyblade. The first season was amazing show. I left the show after the first season. I used to collect the cheaper ones and used to have a battle with my brother. Though they were cheap, they were astonishingly powerful. Digimon was yet another amazing show. Followed the whole of the first season. I guess I remember some names. Garurumon, Greymon, Metal Greymon etc. I even made some of the action figures of these digimons with clay. No, they don’t exist today. They all were lost or were broken when we moved into a new house. Dragon ball Z. A recent cartoon but was very good. The annoying part was the repeating of chunk of episodes. Left it after Cell takes over.
A few more of the Cartoon Network cartoons include Powerpuff girls, G I Joe (I still adore the action figures, though left collecting them), Teen Titans, Scooby Do the laffa-lympics(spelling could be totally wrong), Batman of the future, and perhaps other cartoons I am unable to recollect while writing this article.
Nickelodian was nothing less. Spongebob square pants was an awesome cartoon. My all time favorite in Nickelodian was The legends of the hidden temple. I suppose that it was the first of its kind. It used to come around 4 PM in the evening. A sure time pass after school hours. Pogo too had its share of awesome cartoons. Many of the cartoon network cartoons were transferred to pogo, which were considered as cartoons for small children.
Today, the whole treasure seems to be lost. I don’t see any of these amazing cartoons in Cartoon network today. I write this passage with a very sad tone. It is very disheartening that these cartoons are just a fragment of memory, a piece of past. I can only call it nostalgia. I wish they repeated all these cartoons. The generation born in 2000 will not be knowing any of these awesome cartoons. I wish I don’t have the reason to sit infront of the computer instead of the TV because there is nothing worthwhile. I wish I need not search torrents and our institute network for these amazing cartoons because I can’t find them on TV. I WISH CARTOON NETWORK(And not CN) was back. I can only wish.
If anyone reading this article has the same feelings as me, share your thoughts. Perhaps one day, we can ask Cartoon Network to replay all of them. However, if you feel that present cartoon are also better, please do go ahead and sit in front of the TV and enjoy your cartoons, don’t comment here.


Making a car in 3DS Max

I started off making the model of Audi R8 when I was in 10th class. Since it was a beginning in a big project, it wasn’t very good but better than what I had expected. I used box modelling, i.e, started off with a simple box with multiple edges and carved out the shape accordingly. The result is:

The rendering was done using Mental ray render engine. Simple material was used without any environment, except for those walls. I also used few omnis to illuminate it from all directions.

After one year, I started off with Lamborgini Gallardo. Since my enthusiasm keeps dropping and I have a hectic schedule at the college, it took me one long year to complete it.

The gallardo was designed using a completely different technique. It was designed using what I call panel modelling. The model was broken into panels, each was designed independently and finally everything was sewn together again. This gives more control over the flow of the model, and makes it less cumbersome. There are no cons of this method as far as I can tell. Here is the result:


This time, only skylight was used. HDRI map was used for environment. Mental Ray car paint was used for the body. Clearly, the car looks less cumbersome and more real compared to Audi R8.

The guide images for the car were obtained from Blueprints