Treading slow and steady

Date is not something that matters to me, unless I am so worn out that I might as well belong to the dump yard. But my friend above says that it has been quite a while. He says that with certain pride. Yeah, I know it’s he, don’t ask me how. I used to silently sit in a store room and judge people who used to come to see the shows, thinking how superficial they must be to dismiss me with a quick cursory glance. Oh yes, I was eager to leave the showroom. For all the cosiness that I enjoyed, I wanted to stamp the earth and tread the snow and kick the mud. Okay, enough drama, let’s get back.

So this guy saw me, and it almost seemed like he was in a trance. Love at first sight I believe, but it’s nice to know that you can be of use to someone, at the same time, getting out to do what you wanted. He perused me a bit too much along with his dad. Yeah fine! I am smarter than you think. Through the people at showroom and with a tinge of my own intelligence, I can understand everything that humans can understand. My future narrative, as it beautifully unfolds, is thanks to my friend above, who keeps blabbering about his travels to his friends and foes alike. Don’t you think I digress a lot? Yeah, so coming back, my good friend above. Let’s call him the stick. Moderately tall and awfully thin. So the stick took me along with him.

I thought life will jump excitingly at me. Bummer. Totally a bummer. He hardly took me out. Utterly lazy person he was. I thought that I might have made a bad choice. Oh wait. I never had a choice. Oh well. I was just cursing my life I guess. Events unfolded and luckily, the stick got an offer to go to Germany in the summer of 2013 (Stop questioning my intelligence and assume I am a smart teenager!). Got to admit, I was excited and I could see that the stick was excited too. And boy, we did have some real fun.

I will keep the trip details very short. It seems like he did document somewhere. I don’t care much though. So over three months, I roamed a total of nine countries. Yeah, he brags about it a bit too much. I tread the medieval streets of German down town, the romance filled streets of Paris, the historically exciting places of Italy, the poignant places of Dachau and so on. Oh one of the trips was a chilling experience for me. No, I am not serious here. I tread the snow filled mountains of Titlis in Zurich. Quite an experience I must admit, particularly with that slide down the mountain and getting wet in the snow for the first time.

For all that exciting trip, the stick kept me aside for an year, because he was going through some tense times. I tell you, this stick takes a lot of tension for things don’t matter in life. So almost an year later, he left his home country again for a long time to USA in August 2014. With a bit of maturity, I was excited to see new places again. Not much activity for an year almost, but I can’t blame him. As usual, tension filled person and he seemed to be figuring out some important things in his life. But come the summer of 2015 and it was an incredible experience for me. Starting all the way from biking uphills towards LBNL and till the day he bought books for second hand, it was an amazing ride. Oh yes, he bought a nice bike which gave me a strong competition for his first love, but oh well, I personally felt that me and the bike got along well eventually. Nice lady she is. Beautiful, sleek, strong and menacing. Kind of dreamy. So yes, my trip in California. I was particularly exhilirated when I went to Yosemite mountains. Oh the nature there. I was glad the stick went there and I am sure he felt that too. At times, I’ve seen that the stick has apprehensions about doing things out of his way, but when he does it, he is happy. He will grow up. I was taken for trekking over 1500ft, which was quite an experience. I felt myself tested to my limit for the first time and it was an experience I will hold dear. Not just Yosemite, the long bike rides, the bike rides up hills, the beach trips, the whale watching and everything. I think the stick gave me whatever I bargained for (okay yes, I didn’t have an option, but it’s nice to believe that it was a marriage between me and the stick).

Over the past four years, I’ve treaded a lot with the stick. I’ve seen him run, seen him slow down because of me, hold on to the road because of me and fall down because of me. At the risk of being obnoxious, I think the stick will stick with me for a while longer.

Four years ago, I bought a pair of boots from Woodland (Gosh! I am getting old!) From that time till date, they have served as a faithful friend of mine and has seen places far more than me (Yeah, my brother sneaked away with my boots at times when I was home, so the boots saw more than me). I thought, for a change, I would write about my travel experiences through the perspective of my boots. So, in this article was about my boots speaking.


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