Small things

Is your day made up of big achievements or small happy moments? Quite a mix right? But if you see on an average, it is the latter. I will be putting some of my thoughts in this post and expect it to be quite fragmented.

Many a times, I found that the shop helpers or the errand boys in our college messes tend to be alone, working and being shouted at by irritated students. We cannot always hold the students at fault, since the heat does take a toll. However, it is not fair to treat them that way. What more, they do find themselves quite lonely at times. Unconsciously, I have a quick conversation with them on a very light vein. Talking about bland mess food, or the heat in the city, or perhaps that the day is quite windy. I have seen them go happy for some time.

The guy at the lime soda stall, a Bihari is an awesome guy. I talk to him a lot about his city, my home town and how the heat is at our places(Yes you observed right, heat is the discussion most of the time, thanks to Chennai). I always compliment him for the excellent soda he makes, or let it just pass when the soda is hardly cold.

Our hostel zone has a cycle repair person who is almost mute. He is considered arrogant by a lot, since he outright rejects requests for repairing cycles when his shed is full.  For some reason, he does not do that with me. We have a good rapport. I quite easily understand what he means by his sign language. We say hi to each other when we meet at some other place.

The much talked about barber talks? Of course I do that too. The barber shop I go in Hyderabad is an M.Sc pursuing student, who talks a lot to me about life in Chennai, studies in general, latest movies (and my inability to comment on them as I hardly watch movies) and the politics.

It is not the costliest dinner you have one day that makes you happy. It is these small socializing events that make our day. A parting message by our close friend. A warm hug from our friends when we achieve something. Cousins calling up when you feel that you always wanted an elder sister. A small talk with a shop keeper. It is these small things that make my day. Perhaps this is a trait I have inherited from my father, who has enemies at his official level, but is revered in the driver and the helper circle (and the barbers too).

So if you want to make your day, go ahead and have a small chat with the coffee shop person. Perhaps buy a coffee for him and ask him to savor it along with you. Or buy a bunch of books for a driver who wishes to learn. Make your day with these small things.


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