A kind gesture

Some of the popular events in my campus comes under the umbrella of Literature and Social activities, or Lit-Soc in our institute lingo. One of the events, which I happened to see in my last year ( I was lazy the other years) was mono acting. A particular event in this acting was so spectacular that I felt a blog article would be the right justice on my part.

A total of 14 students participated in the event. While I was sitting at the back and judging the acting skill without being an expert in it, I was completely aware of the guts we needed to go on the stage in front of a huge crowd of students and act. I don’t think I have that courage. But let us not digress too much. One of the participants was a junior from my hostel, whom I like for his jovial and never say never attitude. He also happens to be our Literary affairs secretary. The 7th or the 8th person on the stage was a sophomore. He was going to enact a play on television interview of a famous person in India. Now the play included enacting two people, so the fete was not an easy one. The start was good, though I did feel it was sloppy. But not something to worry about, as he seemed a new comer to this art.

After 30 seconds of play, he walked out of the stage saying that he had cold and that he could not carry forward the play. clearly, his stage fear had got the better of him. I felt no pity or anger. Just simple apathy. The judge, who was an amazing guy with a good diction tried encouraging him but his efforts were in vain.

After all the participants were done with their acts, the judge gave him another chance, asking him to do it as it was now or never. He still could not gather enough courage. Then the judge offered him to play for one minute instead of five to get rid of his stage fear. So he went to the stage and started his act again. However, in 30 seconds again, he was mentally out cold. I was of the view that he did not prepare, but that was just my view. Then something amazing happened. My junior went up to the stage and acted as the other guy in the play. The combo of the two was amazing and the play went hilarious. I am sure the post graduate student was very comfortable, as was evident from his confident voice and body language. The play pulled off well and the judge congratulated them both.

There were two things that I had seen that day. The support garnered by the judge was truly amazing and added to this was the cheering by all the students. But what took the cake was the gesture by my junior, whose act was commendable. I believe going to the stage and standing up for the post graduate student was the best thing anyone could do. While it needs guts to enact a mono acting scene on the stage, it requires true courage and selflessness to be the support for another student. It gave me great happiness seeing this act. I would like to quote a popular phrase from the meme world, ‘Faith in humanity restored’.