It has been a long while since I spent even fifteen minutes writing a post on my blog. The last time I wanted to write a post was around 4 months back, when I was extremely angry with the posts on Quora questioning the IITians and their contribution to the society. I wrote and article, but immediately found out from the same set of posts that there are people who think similar to me. They answered back and that made me pull back my post(Added to this was my laziness to post). So today morning, inspired by my sudden surge in enthusiasm, I decided to write a post on what has been going in my mind for the past six or so months.

I have been to Germany in the summer, for an internship at Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, a company which manufactures transformers and high voltage regulators. The internship was one of the most memorable experiences I ever had. Apart from an unforgettable trip of European countries, I got to learn a lot culturally. Before that, check the details of my European trip at Coming back to my experiences, I never expected that I would ever see a country like Germany( I haven’t seen any other non-European country as such). The discipline there astonished me. People were amazingly friendly and my work place was a joy. I was in the Bavarian state, known for their hospitality and beer :).

During my internship period, I happened to get a lot of free time during and after my work hours. I have pondered on a lot of things. First one was religion. I happened to read God delusion by Richard Dawkins. I will not be presenting any of my views here, since it may raise a heated argument. However, the book made me think a lot. Secondly, I have been wondering about what I wanted to do in the future. I got no definite answer. There were multiple reasons which were simultaneously attacking me. A job, I considered was lucrative, since there won’t be much of a load after work hours and it was a safe path. But life stops in the company. I am not sure how much of an impact I can bring. Perhaps if I rise to the position of a CEO, I could make an impact. And then there was this idea of getting into teaching. Teaching in India is financially not a exciting option. But I think teaching will give that solace I have looked for many times. Further, excluding the times when I have to correct exam papers( Which I may very well get rid of by removing the exams) I think there will be ample time to think for myself and tinker with some research work. Why would I love to teach? For a simple reason that two things have always delighted me, innovating on my own( Even if it meant reinventing the wheel) and teaching what I know. I am very notorious for giving analogies, but that is the way I like teaching. I like to express my intuition of the subject and involve the opposite person in an awe inspiring session, appreciating the intricacies of the subject. Perhaps that is the reason I write a few technical articles on my blog.

Apart from the above two ideas, there is another mammoth task I was considering. A company to change the economy of my country. Don’t laugh and my childishness. With the recent degradation of the Indian economy, I have wondered( and for a very short sporadic times) what would drastically change the Indian market. I ( being an electrical engineer and a fan of gadgets) could think of two such commodities. Mobiles and personal computers. The country needs a defacto brand for these two devices. And what I wish to target is not a low price solution but an solution which defines perfection. A solution which will set the standards. A solution, which one day will make people say, “There is no competition to xyz company’s products. Their reliability is unquestionable. They always work on the cutting edge products”. One thing is clear though, I don’t yet know my path.

After giving a little time to introspecting myself, I have pondered about the political scenario in my country. Every small solution I have thought could bring about some change seemed to back fire. This is a vicious cycle. I realized that we, and not the politicians have to change. I trust only one way, education. I believe that education will change the way people think. Further, I feel that the word politics should get back it’s original meaning. The educated should not shun politics. They should be a part of it. My opinion is that politicians themselves should be educated. May be M.A in administration to say the least. In fact, someone like a health minister should have a degree in any field related to health. This will help making informed decisions easier. Apart from this, we need a sense of pride. We need to create a brand called India. I remember reading an article long ago which was talking about why the person likes Indian tradition but hates Indian culture. In an attempt to make ourselves feel better, we have created an unnecessary shield around us, preventing us from making rational decisions. Don’t mistake me for a western culture harbinger. I have always been fascinated by the Indian tradition. What I would like is to respect this and at the same time, always look ahead to rational changes. For example, the very concept of dowry frustrates me. How does a man gain the right to demand money from a woman? When I had presented this fact to my German friends, they first mistook my statement thinking that the boy pays the girl and thought that it was a fair deal. However, when I corrected them, they were astonished. I don’t blame them. This needs to change. But yet again, this is a vicious cycle. The man sees it as his right to demand dowry. The woman’s parents consider it prestige to give it. And the value only increases with the increase in woman’s education. Which means this is a positive feedback, with nothing positive about it. The parents of both the man and the woman need to realize that marriage is a two sided activity and not an auction. I believe that generation after me at least will completely get rid of dowry system.

Added to these, I ponder over elementary education in my country. Apart from the fact that many schools( especially in my home state) encourage rote education, a vast majority don’t even have the privilege of education, forget good education. What is the problem? Money. Ignorance. Parents don’t have money, parents are ignorant about education. How do you deal with the first one? I wish to do the following in the future when I start earning for myself. I will completely fund the education of one child an year. And if necessary, every year for the same child. I will fund only one child( He could be studying anything between 1st standard to Medical 4th year). Don’t ask me what is my selection criteria, I have no clue. All my co-IITians who may be reading this, perhaps we all could do this. Considering what we may earn, paying around 50-60k per year for a student may not be a large amount, if not paltry. Coming back to ignorance, this is a more serious issue. I have done no ground work whatsoever but I am sure many NGOs work on this.

I have come to not believe in charity. If you wish to do something, do it on your own, but do it to empower them, not to satisfy their hunger or sleep. Make them an asset if you wish to. Don’t make them a parasite on the society. Empowering them, in my view is not charity. It is a selfish motive to see perfection in the society. To see a society where a vast majority work everyday diligently with sense of satisfaction and pride in their work.

I think I have been a little dramatic in my post this time :). This post is not for motivating anyone. It is just a small summary of what I have been thinking over the past six months. And trust me, I have been thinking a way too much :).


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