A reflection on 12/12/12

On December 11/2012, there was a lot of discussion about the next day, 12-12-12. I being a lazy person myself, did not care at all. But personally, I did not find anything wrong about celebrating 12-12-12, since this date will not come for another 800+ years(Lazy to google and find out the exact date!). People also started posting on Facebook about this date. Coincidence or not, this day also happened to be actor Rajnikant’s birthday. Though not a fan, I respect him for his simplicity and his down to earth attitude. All is well, people also posted that this was one of the most memorable day ever in their lives. Nothing wrong, though none of the present dates ever repeat for a 100 years, hence every day should be memorable.

However, on 12-12-12, I saw a serious and ridiculous discussion on TV about this date. Mothers were trying to conceive their children on 12-12-12 at 12:12 PM!! Numerology. Apparently, as per some numerologists, this is a very auspicious time for conceiving which is suppose to ensure bright(read 12000W) future of their children. To add to this, the doctors were supportive of this. However, the show was a reliever. Normally, when a scientist, a doctor, a numerologist and an astrologer congregate for discussion, it turns into a show of power of their own science. To my astonishment, all of them had a consensus that forcing child birth just for the sake of a number is completely wrong. The doctor argued saying that this would adversely affect the health of both child and mother and could also prove fatal. The numerologist had also made a very interesting point. In Hindu culture, every person has with him a document, called as Jathakam, which contains details about the child birth date, day and other details, which I cannot comprehend and hence can’t present them here. The whole point of believing numerology was to ‘create a good Jathakam’. However, the numerologist was of the view that the Jathakam is made once the child comes to earth, not any moment before that. Hence, forcing child birth is equivalent to defying laws of god. For our geeky readers, this is a non-causal action, trying to create Jathakam, even when the child does not exist. The other people in the discussion also made similar points.

On one side, I was very happy that people with starkly different ideologies can come to a consensus. At the same time, I was a little disturbed that people can be so dumb as to believe numbers can change the future. My argument is as follows. There is nothing sacred about any date. It is just to keep a record and maintain consistency for all the activities. We claim that it is 12th December 2012, but isn’t it true that it is our convention? In fact, the Hindu calendar is totally different and has nothing to do with the Gregorian calendar. Every day is as good as any other day. Winnie the Pooh asks piglet what day it is and piglet replies ‘today’. To this, Winnie the Pooh replies, ‘My favorite day’. Seems childish but perfectly encapsulates what I need to tell.

Disclaimer: The views presented in this article are solely of the author’s and in no way convey any general view. They don’t even convey his parent’s view.
The last saying by Winnie the Pooh is a facebook post.
‘There is nothing sacred about any day’: Derived from Dr.A N Rajagopalan’s view on inverse fourier transform: ‘There is nothing sacred about time or frequency.’


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