Making a car in 3DS Max

I started off making the model of Audi R8 when I was in 10th class. Since it was a beginning in a big project, it wasn’t very good but better than what I had expected. I used box modelling, i.e, started off with a simple box with multiple edges and carved out the shape accordingly. The result is:

The rendering was done using Mental ray render engine. Simple material was used without any environment, except for those walls. I also used few omnis to illuminate it from all directions.

After one year, I started off with Lamborgini Gallardo. Since my enthusiasm keeps dropping and I have a hectic schedule at the college, it took me one long year to complete it.

The gallardo was designed using a completely different technique. It was designed using what I call panel modelling. The model was broken into panels, each was designed independently and finally everything was sewn together again. This gives more control over the flow of the model, and makes it less cumbersome. There are no cons of this method as far as I can tell. Here is the result:


This time, only skylight was used. HDRI map was used for environment. Mental Ray car paint was used for the body. Clearly, the car looks less cumbersome and more real compared to Audi R8.

The guide images for the car were obtained from Blueprints


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