A lesson in humility

It was the winter of 2010. We were attending a camp in Sargoor, near Mysore in Karnataka, as a part of NSS. A very cold place indeed. We arrived at the camp, which is a primary health care center. Our cribbing started, about anything and everything about that place, though personally i was very excited about the place. After completion of our morning chores, we sat down for lunch(Yes, we started off with lunch). The food was good, considering that a male doctor from Gujarat had cooked it.

After the lunch was over, came my biggest shock. We were asked to clean our plates. I grew in a home where I did not even pick up the plate after eating(Yep, you are welcome to conclude I am arrogant or pampered). My ego was hurt. Though I did wash the plate, I argued with my friends about how unfair it was to clean the plates ourselves. Then came my biggest shock. My friends scolded me saying that they used to clean their plates every time they ate and that is how it happens in their home. I was astonished. It was then that i realized that i was pampered. ThenĀ on wards, I cleaned the plates with a sense of satisfaction and with an elated feeling.

Before the camp concluded, we were asked what had we learnt in the camp. I had very proudly said that I had learn how to clean plates.