‘Group’ing skills together

‘Do you think it is possible?’, goes the comment from my team mate. Here at IIT, we have a course in the first semester, called ID1100. Quite an interesting course, but my friends out there will be ready to scold me if i say so. The comment my friend put was during the second design competition. Competition? Yes, we have two design competitions, where we have to choose one of the four problem statements and we need to solve them. Our team comprised of four people, me, Ashwin(electrical),maurice(mechanical) and kumar(naval architecture). We were discussing whether we should go ahead solve the crazy balloon car problem or should we solve the model oil rig problem. 10PM. We keep on trying the balloon car, but to no success. ‘I think we should go ahead with the oil rig, but not sure it will get us more marks, since everyone will make almost the same models’, said maurice, the intelligent machine of us four. ‘Lets go ahead, i will help with my fundaes in nav arch’, said kumar, the enthusiastic of us four. So we started our work. I should say, we did a sort of research on the offshore platforms.

We made a small model with 4 coke cans, and made it look like a scifi toy. The day before the testing, we had worked the whole night. We expected ours to be the best model. My friends were a little nervous. I asked them not to worry, we have given our best. Our turn comes. All other models were very crude, huge, but did their job. But ours was more scientific, small and did not work as expected. We were down morally. I told my friends, we may not be the best, but as a team, i am sure we had done the best work. Ours is the best team. Just forget that we could not do well.

Results had arrived, without my knowledge. Maurice calls. ‘Arey, we put 19/20!’.Did not believe him. Scolded him for exciting him unnecessarily. He retaliated by scolding me equally. I checked the marks in the website. To my surprise, maurice was right!! We succeeded. As a team, we had won. I still keep telling all my friends, i may not be so good, but we had the best ID team mates ever ;).


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