Why comment on us?

It is getting too much. How long should we keep listening the same thing again and again? Everyone is behind us, the IITians. Not fair. Why cant they leave us alone? Agreed that we are not as good as our peer iitians, but we should not be pinched so much. Not just that, even other professions have misunderstood us.

When i was pursuing my 12th in Hyderabad, the news channels used to frequently beam an ad, ‘Charted Accountant, easier than IITJEE, earn more than IITians’. Are we in IIT just for earning? Cant they make out that we are an intricate set of people, who want to do much beyond earning? Is earning the only passion we have? Friends, just question yourself. Say Sachin is awesome at cricket and he likes it. Now if someone says that cricket is crap, business is awesome, wont it hurt him? It does hurt me also. I feel sad for such a mentality. One of the other article i read in facebook says, ‘Getting gold medal in IIT is not great, tennis is much difficult, a rare fete’. So what? the person who said that, did he ever come and do what we do here? I respect tennis stars, but this attitude of theirs is not accepted.

Friends, i am not asking you to respect us or take us to top of the world, but please respect our passion, we are here with a broader goal.


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