How do you live in the insti?

Yep, the title is apt. People outside often ask me, how is the life at iitmadras. They also conclude, without even consenting us that we keep studying the whole day. Not happening here. If that is what we would wanted to do, i would rather be better off studying in a college near my house, get ‘good’ marks and get over with life by getting a ‘good’ job. No. Not my choice. There is much to iitmadras, much to learn, much to experience, much to wish, much to aspire, and much to earn(not the money earning).

Life at iitmadras, i should say is a way away from other engineering institutes. Let me start with academics, since all of us first concentrate on that. Academics here is a little different from all my previous experiences. No rote knowledge will get you through. You need to have a finitely larger gray cells in the thinking engine. However, there is also one more thing we need to have, presence of mind. My experience has told me that presence of mind beats intelligent one. Take my word for granted, exams are not so difficult(atleast so far). If you feel you are screwing your scores big time, it is not a fault of your think engine, you are not patient enough. Now, few friends of me there would surely argue with me about this, but we need to accept it.

The commendable part of academic side of iitmadras are its labs. I doubt if we have colleges with such infrastructure anywhere else(friends in other iits’ and nits’ , you are along with iitmadras ). The right place for research. However, we have been under utilizing it big time. The electrical department has labs, i am sure which have the status of R&D labs. Our very own Fibre Optics lab has the state of the art devices and machinery to compliment research in optics and photonics. The integrated electronics lab(IE lab in short), is a paradise for electronic enthusiasts. You get to see so many oscilloscopes, function generators, ICs and what not. Not to forget our Workshop. The workshop, though has a little outdated machinery is still an awesome place for people who adore mechanical machines. The shaping machines, the lathes, the power tools, and a lot more.

Switching to hostels, i should say, it is an experience you should have atleast once in your life time. You have freedom, no other place will offer you. You have amenities ample. Greenery ample, play grounds ample and ofcourse friends ample. You will enjoy you stay at hostels(ofcourse, you will feel home sick some times due to worklessness, at other times, you are too busy to be homesick). It is a completely different way of life. Wake up in the morning for the classes, have bath(note: not applicable for all residents), rush to the classes, come back again to the hostel, have some random gossip, play around, study a little(once again, not applicable for all. And for those whoever it is applicable, it is only a little study), and then crash to sleep. Then come weekends, where people wait to sleep till they can afford no more sleep. The schedule is almost uniform, except for our cultural and technical festivals, when people sleep a little more. We also have ample playgrounds. Every hostel has one football ground and another volley or badminton court. Apart from that, there are institute grounds, smaller football grounds and more. There is also a vast swimming pool, around 8 feet deep.

But, have i answered what do we do in the institute? Partly no. We enjoy, we invent, we discover, we relax, we research, we make and we do. Note that all these are not limited to their intuitive spheres alone but expand to all realms of our life here. I am a techie guy here. So, i keep track of such events and will tell you about the same. We have CFI, centre for innovation. Named correctly, innovation goes on here. There is virtually nothing you cannot innovate here. All weird and wow ideas take shape here. It has multiple clubs to help people in their respective interests. Notable among them is the Computer Vision group. It is a group par excellence. It was chosen the best group in the reputed IARC competition. We also have the linux users group. A very active and notable group in the country, it arranges meets regularly to discuss linux works. We also actively bang them with questions and they respond with the same enthusiasm. The best thing i like here is our own dedicated server for linux operating system. We get softwares in ubuntu at lightning speed, thanks to the server and the LAN network. People using linux will surely know . We are also provided softwares like MATLAB for free.

All this said, i should say that it is quite a proud feel to be in IITMadras. It is a name, not so easy to achieve, but still more harder to maintain.


2 thoughts on “How do you live in the insti?

  1. According to Sujatha Ma’m from Mech Dept. , the workshop has far better and far more sophisticated instruments than available outside the institute, it is just that the work staff is not enthu about using this.

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